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  • “I love sustainability studies. It is one of the few fields in which you can combine the study of the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities, and business and economics, and then pull it all together to make a difference while making a living. We pride ourselves in giving our students the highest quality instruction and personal attention as we work with them on their journey to becoming sustainability champions.”

    Mike Keen
    Sustainability Studies Program Director at IU South Bend

  • “Sustainability Studies gives students the power to change the future. This field is so diverse and important to preserving the planet. At the same time, Sustainability Studies gives students great opportunities for future careers in a wide variety of fields.”

    Patricia Linner
    Acting Assistant Director of Sustainability Studies and Student at IU South Bend

  • “Companies are going to be looking for architects or designers or people in general who can come in and retrofit buildings and do energy audits to help people and businesses become more energy-efficient. This is going to be the future. Get on board now. Get in at the ground level.”

    Dan Vandenheede
    Teacher at Dowagiac Union High School

  • “Sustainability is a growing field nationally. I think it’s a good place for students to be in terms of preparing for careers and preparing themselves. It’s one of the top five growing majors in colleges across the country.”

    John Kennedy
    Principal at South Bend New Tech High School

  • “Sustainability Studies is all about problem solving and critical thinking, it’s all about coming up with creative solutions. There’s always a place for sustainability because it changes you how you think, no matter where you go.”

    Ben Futa
    manager of Horticulture and Grounds at Fernwood Botanical Garden and IU South Bend Sustainability Studies Graduate

  • “I was the girl that definitely was going to leave the Midwest as soon as I graduated. But ever since I’ve been at Inovateus Solar, I couldn’t imagine not having this place in my life and I want a career and future here. My hope and dream is to move up in the company and make a difference with solar energy”

    Samantha England
    Sales and Marketing at Inovateus Solar and IU South Bend Sustainability Studies Graduate

  • “Studying sustainability offered a kind of outlet for innovation and for not necessarily thinking outside the box but throwing the box out entirely, realizing you don’t need it. It allows you to be still seated in the reality of our business climate of our social issues, but working toward offering real world, practical, pragmatic solutions.”

    Myles Robertson
    Local Foods Purchaser for Purple Porch Cafe and IU South Bend Sustainability Studies Graduate

  • “I thought the program was an excellent way to learn just how sustainability can translate into any profession. I loved that it not only focused on the environment, but the social and political aspects surrounding it all as well. I thought the program was organized in a way that fostered creativity, innovation, and curiosity. ”

    Tawny Holocomb
    IU South Bend Sustainability Studies Student

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