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Edwin Joseph, PhD

Sustainability Studies Program Director

Edwin-PictureDr. Edwin Joseph received his Ph.D. in Development Studies and a B.S. Agriculture and Rural Sociology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He joined the Sustainability Studies Program in 2014 and developed a new course, “The Art of Sustainability,” which provides a public platform for students to learn and talk about sustainability through interdisciplinary research and communication. The first project students completed garnered local and regional press for the 8’x32′ mural the designed with local artist David Blodgett, which depicts the history of agriculture. The mural is on display at Green Sense Farms, the nation’s largest vertical farm, located in Portage, IN. Dr. Joseph is an expert in Geographic Information Systems and uses that expertise to think critically about places with application to improving sustainability outcomes. Professor Joseph assumed the role of Director of the program in 2016.

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Krista Bailey

Director, Center for a Sustainable Future
Sustainability Studies Faculty

kbheadshot2013Krista Bailey received her BA in Biology and Women’s Studies from Indiana University Bloomington and her Master of Liberal Arts degree from Indiana University South Bend. As a graduate student, she researched and was active in the development of sustainable urban food systems, helped establish the Center for a Sustainable Future’s campus and community programs, and developed curriculum for the the Sustainability Studies program. She is trained in the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, and has delivered workshops to business, not-for-profits, government and educational institutions. Krista is an avid organic gardener, is the co-founder of the Greenhouse Community Garden in South Bend, and teaches fitness classes.

“Sustainability Studies offers a powerful platform for innovation, creativity, and community development. I am constantly inspired and motivated by the discoveries our students make. They motivate me to continue to learn and do more to develop a sustainable future for all.”

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Mike Keen, PhD, LEED-AP

Sustainability Studies Faculty (retired)

Mike_KeenMike Keen is Chancellor’s Professor in Sustainability Studies. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame.  He has received multiple outstanding teaching awards, and also has been recognized for his excellence in research, service and civic engagement. Trained in the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, Professor Keen offers sustainability consulting and workshops to business, not-for-profits, government and educational institutions.

“I love sustainability studies. It is one of the few fields in which you can combine the study of the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities, and business and economics, and then pull it all together to make a difference while making a living. We pride ourselves in giving our students the highest quality instruction and personal attention as we work with them on their journey to becoming sustainability champions.”

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